Old stuff, but you can look at it anyway

Really, I mean it. Think about it, no-one just said, i am in an argument with you. Because no-one would know what it meant.

So that means there must be one guy, or, so not to be sexist, some sick chic that went and said to someone, o I don’t know, maybe they were kids and they made a face at each other, and then they denied it, and then followed the usual hullabaloo.

Then they could have went, well, something like this.

“Arrrrrr I hate you.”

G, you, i hate you too.”

“You meant that face”

” Wait, what are we even doing?”

“Don’t know maybe there isn’t a name for it yet.”

” What about… You thinking what Im thinking?”



“Meant!!!! Bit we should leave out the A when we write it, its a long enough word”

“Argument, I like it.”

But anyway, back to the point. I mean, what good have arguments done to the world, lots of things, made people realise that they think someone is doing something to you but you actually don’t realise that you are the person who is doing it (guilty :-(). Though there are plenty of bad things about it as well, there are too many to say, so ill just save time and do a few. Violence, arguments have led to violence. No-one likes violence, well, majority of people don’t. I don’t know why the other people like to have ┬áviolence ┬ácompered to throwing deal insults, i don’t like doing that, i don’t like arguments, but i would much rather be a kid and stick my tongue out at the people i don’t like, it actually used to make me feel pretty good. Another things that arguments cause is friends. It ruins them, and sometimes we lose friends only because two other friends are arguing, a nd we need to choose sides, i remember that happened in my class once everyone was on a side, though, thankfully, we made up, and our class was a whole again. But sometimes that isn’t the case, and if you were, say in your last year of high school, and so e of you were gong to university together, and then you all split up on different sides, that could be a friendship, or a relationship ruined for life and you may never speak to that person again. I f that happened to me or one of my friends, I don’t know what i would do.


Arguments are absolute, what can i say thats appropriate, rubbish, worse than that, but, no-one is perfect and if you have not got into an argument with someone et and you are in you thirties or older, it’ll do you good to let it all out!!!

Until the next time,

The little blogger

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