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images-3Hiya! On Tuesday, my school (well, p4-p7)  went to the SECC in Glasgow to see the christmas pantomime Peter Pan starring David Hasselhoff and the Krankies. My class and I were excited as this would be our last time going as a class, or maybe to see the SECC pantomime. We all had different opinions, but they didn’t very much. So below I do not only share my opinion, but some of the rest of my class as well.


I know most of my reviews have the same headlines and all that, but I use the ones that I think are necessary. The base plot of the story, well, if you have never heard the story of peter pan, and there are some slight differences in the plot. Basically, there are three children in a house in london who’s mother tells them stories about a boy that never grew up and lived in a land called never land. A boy who battles the evil pirates, and their captain, James hook and his right hand man, Smee. In this version Smee has a son, Jimmy. Peter pan, the boy who never grew up, goes and takes The three children, Wendy, Michael and John, to Neverland. There they meet the lost boys, and Peters fairy, Tinkerbell, who is jealous of Wendy. Hook plans to poison Peter, and  Mimi the magical mermaid, who helps Smee and Jimmy realise that Hook is bad. Think drinks the potion  that peter dosent have to, and nearly dies, but the magic of the audience brings her back, and Hook ends up being eaten by the ticking crocodile!


Ok- this was the first year that I have been o one of these pantomimes and John Barrowman hasn’t been in it, and I have to say, it was crap.

I don’t mean the pantomime, or the guy that replaced John Barrowman as the good guy, I mean David Hasselhoff. The jokes he made about going to the hoffpital, they were all rubbish.One of the best things my friends and I really look forward to is that its not like watching a movie, its a proper pantomime, and you can make so many more jokes when you have a Scottish accent, and ‘The Hoff ‘ lost his so it wasn’t as good, having an english voice amongst all the Scottish ones.

I know this was meant to be funny, but it was a it pointless, basically, they have Tinkerbell on Roller-skates. No offence, but shouldn’t she have a harness so that she can fly???

Another thing, at one point in the show this was deliberate, they messed up their lines so that they could say a rude word, but at some points, especially Ian (part of the Krankies act) messed up his lines and i think Janette had to cover it up.

That is a lot of criticism, and I’m sure some people won’t agree but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Ok, now we can get on to nice bits.


Apart from the whole Ian thing. My favourite, as usual, was The Krankies. They are just so funny, and when I was speaking to my mum about the pantomime she said;

“Do you know what their old act was?”


“Janette pretended to be a schoolboy called Jimmy”

“Mum, thats still their act!”

“Goodness, they have been going at that for an awful long time!”

It turns out, they have been doing that for thirty odd years! Well, like I said, I always enjoy going to see the krankies, and so do my friends. In fact, ‘Jimmy’ made such a funny joke that my friend fell out of her seat and into the row of boys in front! She didn’t go right over but boy, did they get a start, good job they were all friends, as our class is quite small, so pretty much everyone gets on with everyone. I don’t want to spoil any of the jokes so that was one Brilliant thing.

Another thing that was great was the 3D underwater submarine tour bit, but Ill tell you about that in a minute. All I am saying just now, I would make sure your child is a very brave five year or six year old, otherwise take them if they are seven, because some girls in my class were close to tears, and all of us were clutching in to one another, even the boys got a bit frightened. Even though we were terrified, we all agreed it was one of the best parts.images-4images-6


I don’t want to spoil it for you, but Ill tell you a little about it. Mimi the magical mermaid took Smee and Jimmy on a tour of…. Oh goodness, I just can’t remember where. Basically, they go into a shipwreck…. That is where I am going to stop as I really don’t want to spoil anything. All I am saying is that it is quite scary, with lots of jumps scares, and that weird, freaky music that just…..well……its just…..well, weird, really.  Ok, now my lips are sealed.


My personal age rating for this is probably six or seven, due to some inappropriate language that I wouldn’t want my child hearing younger than that age. Also because there are some scary scenes, and, for once, were isn’t really any violence issues.

And well, thats it. I am trying to make my reviews longer, so any help on how to would be much appreciated! :-) :-) :-)

Until next time,

images-4The little blogger


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  • janice kearney says:

    Hi there having attended the Peter Pan Panto 19/12/15 with my partner & 4 niece’s & nephew’s. It’s a day we all greatly look forward to as we have seen every panto that’s been shown at the secc. Kids ready, party bags ready, a day of fun & laughter ahead.
    Well sorry to disappoint but the “Hoff” more like “Hoff wit” He couldn’t tie John Barroman’s shoe laces when it comes to laughter, fun, & the camaraderie & spark between him & the krankies. The Scottish humour is excellant and am sure there are plenty of Scottish Actors out there would have jumped at the chance to play Captain Hook. At one point during the show my nephew(13 yr) fell asleep which to be honest I couldn’t blame him.

    …… After all Glasgow is a city of humour, laughter & patter. So why the need to bring a 63 yr old American actor ( has been) is beyond me.

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