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images-3Hiya! On Tuesday, my school (well, p4-p7)  went to the SECC in Glasgow to see the christmas pantomime Peter Pan starring David Hasselhoff and the Krankies. My class and I were excited as this would be our last time going as a class, or maybe to see the SECC pantomime. We all had different opinions, but they didn’t very much. So below I do not only share my opinion, but some of the rest of my class as well.


I know most of my reviews have the same headlines and all that, but I use the ones that I think are necessary. The base plot of the story, well, if you have never heard the story of peter pan, and there are some slight differences in the plot. Basically, there are three children in a house in london who’s mother tells them stories about a boy that never grew up and lived in a land called never land. A boy who battles the evil pirates, and their captain, James hook and his right hand man, Smee. In this version Smee has a son, Jimmy. Peter pan, the boy who never grew up, goes and takes The three children, Wendy, Michael and John, to Neverland. There they meet the lost boys, and Peters fairy, Tinkerbell, who is jealous of Wendy. Hook plans to poison Peter, and  Mimi the magical mermaid, who helps Smee and Jimmy realise that Hook is bad. Think drinks the potion  that peter dosent have to, and nearly dies, but the magic of the audience brings her back, and Hook ends up being eaten by the ticking crocodile!


Ok- this was the first year that I have been o one of these pantomimes and John Barrowman hasn’t been in it, and I have to say, it was crap.

I don’t mean the pantomime, or the guy that replaced John Barrowman as the good guy, I mean David Hasselhoff. The jokes he made about going to the hoffpital, they were all rubbish.One of the best things my friends and I really look forward to is that its not like watching a movie, its a proper pantomime, and you can make so many more jokes when you have a Scottish accent, and ‘The Hoff ‘ lost his so it wasn’t as good, having an english voice amongst all the Scottish ones.

I know this was meant to be funny, but it was a it pointless, basically, they have Tinkerbell on Roller-skates. No offence, but shouldn’t she have a harness so that she can fly???

Another thing, at one point in the show this was deliberate, they messed up their lines so that they could say a rude word, but at some points, especially Ian (part of the Krankies act) messed up his lines and i think Janette had to cover it up.

That is a lot of criticism, and I’m sure some people won’t agree but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Ok, now we can get on to nice bits.


Apart from the whole Ian thing. My favourite, as usual, was The Krankies. They are just so funny, and when I was speaking to my mum about the pantomime she said;

“Do you know what their old act was?”


“Janette pretended to be a schoolboy called Jimmy”

“Mum, thats still their act!”

“Goodness, they have been going at that for an awful long time!”

It turns out, they have been doing that for thirty odd years! Well, like I said, I always enjoy going to see the krankies, and so do my friends. In fact, ‘Jimmy’ made such a funny joke that my friend fell out of her seat and into the row of boys in front! She didn’t go right over but boy, did they get a start, good job they were all friends, as our class is quite small, so pretty much everyone gets on with everyone. I don’t want to spoil any of the jokes so that was one Brilliant thing.

Another thing that was great was the 3D underwater submarine tour bit, but Ill tell you about that in a minute. All I am saying just now, I would make sure your child is a very brave five year or six year old, otherwise take them if they are seven, because some girls in my class were close to tears, and all of us were clutching in to one another, even the boys got a bit frightened. Even though we were terrified, we all agreed it was one of the best parts.images-4images-6


I don’t want to spoil it for you, but Ill tell you a little about it. Mimi the magical mermaid took Smee and Jimmy on a tour of…. Oh goodness, I just can’t remember where. Basically, they go into a shipwreck…. That is where I am going to stop as I really don’t want to spoil anything. All I am saying is that it is quite scary, with lots of jumps scares, and that weird, freaky music that just…..well……its just…..well, weird, really.  Ok, now my lips are sealed.


My personal age rating for this is probably six or seven, due to some inappropriate language that I wouldn’t want my child hearing younger than that age. Also because there are some scary scenes, and, for once, were isn’t really any violence issues.

And well, thats it. I am trying to make my reviews longer, so any help on how to would be much appreciated! :-) :-) :-)

Until next time,

images-4The little blogger


Really, I mean it. Think about it, no-one just said, i am in an argument with you. Because no-one would know what it meant.

So that means there must be one guy, or, so not to be sexist, some sick chic that went and said to someone, o I don’t know, maybe they were kids and they made a face at each other, and then they denied it, and then followed the usual hullabaloo.

Then they could have went, well, something like this.

“Arrrrrr I hate you.”

G, you, i hate you too.”

“You meant that face”

” Wait, what are we even doing?”

“Don’t know maybe there isn’t a name for it yet.”

” What about… You thinking what Im thinking?”



“Meant!!!! Bit we should leave out the A when we write it, its a long enough word”

“Argument, I like it.”

But anyway, back to the point. I mean, what good have arguments done to the world, lots of things, made people realise that they think someone is doing something to you but you actually don’t realise that you are the person who is doing it (guilty :-(). Though there are plenty of bad things about it as well, there are too many to say, so ill just save time and do a few. Violence, arguments have led to violence. No-one likes violence, well, majority of people don’t. I don’t know why the other people like to have  violence  compered to throwing deal insults, i don’t like doing that, i don’t like arguments, but i would much rather be a kid and stick my tongue out at the people i don’t like, it actually used to make me feel pretty good. Another things that arguments cause is friends. It ruins them, and sometimes we lose friends only because two other friends are arguing, a nd we need to choose sides, i remember that happened in my class once everyone was on a side, though, thankfully, we made up, and our class was a whole again. But sometimes that isn’t the case, and if you were, say in your last year of high school, and so e of you were gong to university together, and then you all split up on different sides, that could be a friendship, or a relationship ruined for life and you may never speak to that person again. I f that happened to me or one of my friends, I don’t know what i would do.


Arguments are absolute, what can i say thats appropriate, rubbish, worse than that, but, no-one is perfect and if you have not got into an argument with someone et and you are in you thirties or older, it’ll do you good to let it all out!!!

Until the next time,

The little blogger

You are probably wondering how I know this, and it is pretty simple, i am a..  what do kids call them nowadays? A surfer dude. Anyway,. i go surfing at coast2coast surf school, and yes, surfing is really fun and exciting ( not to mention embarrassing and frustrating) but it is not all that it seems in movies, well, if you are in Scotland its not. Here are some reasons why, though some are more powerful than others, so bear with me!!!

The Curling Waves                                                                                                                                                                  There is curling waves But it is, well, I have never seen any of my instructors make it the whole way through as the barrels (curving waves) are too small for you to fit into, and come out of. Also, you can’t really ride on top of big barrels, as the, oh, whats it called, the white thing, the, oh well, the white fluffy thing thats there when the barrels and waves hit the water, you would crash into the water.

Its Really HARD                                                                                                                                                           Surfing is actually not that hard, though people say its su[er hard, yes it is not a get in the water and yes ha, but it is most definitely not mission impossible. You do need to have a good sense of balance though. And this sounds absolutely bizarre, but i feel like i is a sixth sense to also be able to get the right wave, when you can tell if you should take the wave or not, whether it is going to last long enough, give you the right speed, let you stand up, turn, not blow you off of your board. So, anyway, you get the point.

Well, i know there are only two, but my mind has suddenly went blank and I have forgotten them all

PS You do fall off a lot, but i would recommend typing up on safari coast2coast surf school.

Until next time,

The little blogger

This may seem a little lame but i am going to talk to you today about friendship. It is a very valuble thing, and you have got to hold on to it for as long as you can. If you are young, you probably wont have all your same friends as you did in primary school when you are an adult, some people have many from primary, some have none. When you have a friend dont take advantage of them or try and pick between them who is your best friend and who is close friends, and who are just friends. That confuses things and causes lots of arguments. Value your friends for who the are. Not what they are. Not their colour of skin, not their religion, not what football tem they support, not even if they have the same or completely different interests as you. I like to imagine it like this.

There are no people in the world, well, there are, but we are all floating about in souls, little wisps of white, you cant judge people, only by the way they act, but your personality stops you from saying anything personal. Thats how it should be, and nobody is judged, hurt, offended and everyone would be happy.

There is this thing that was going about on instagram for a while and it was about what F.R.E.N.D.S stands for.

F ight for you
R espect you
I nclude you
E ncourage you when you need it most
N eed you
D eserve you
S tand by you.

That is what i call a worthy saying. I myself have many friends, one who which lives around the corner from me and we are very close. Sometimes we get in arguments, but when we grow up a bit and realise we are not five year olds fighting over barbie dolls, we pull together as friends, and not just the two of us but if two us get in an argument the team kinda splits in two. So it not only brings you together when you are friends with someone, but it brings your other friends closer too.

That is what i would call friendship. One thing though. Treat your friends in the way that you want to be treated even if they are being mean to you. Stick it out, be the bigger person, and theyll come through.

Until Next time, little bloggers!

Do you guys ever feel like yiu are split into sevan people? I am not talking Harry potter horcruxes, but like the emotions in inside out. There are like seven people inside of you and you can vhange from one to another before you can say quidditch. So i dont feel like i am the only one, please comment and tell me if you feel like this too. Here are the seven;

Anger and Force

These two emotions come out from the blue. It can also come with cheek and sass. All you want to do is scream and shout at the person closest to you, and, more often tahn nit, taht oerson is not to blame but you are so angry taht you end up in an argument with them and it makes matters a whole lot worse. Parental problems are the worst. You claim you didnt do something and it can go one of two ways depending on whether you are telling the truth or not. So here is what happens with the two ways.

1. The truth

Often if you’re telling the truth your parents may think you’re not and then they get all grumpy and send you to your room even though you did nothing wrong or at least not do anything intentionally. when the time comes that the emotions have had enough and you have too so you start screaming and shouting and that just makes matters a lot worse. yeah but the thing is the other emotions cant calm anger and force because, well, its anger and force, and if you are anything like me, they are hard to control. Well, you lose your temper, and its your parents fault. They deffinetly lost some brownie points in that one.

2. Lies

Now, i know, people say you should never tell lies. But everyone forgets and if your brother hits you, and you scream ” MUM!!!” and she doesent answer, then he hits yiu again, you forget that he is 3,4 years younger than you and you hit him back, i  self defence. Now when you realise you are going to get into trouble for it, you lie, that does not help. So then you desperately try to explain but your parents dont listen. Good one on that one? So if you are a parent, try to think before you act, and use yiur detective skills to figure out what to do and who is telling the truth, and think of a resonab,e punishment, like when you were a child! (but no spanking!) Though, think abiut this, your friend has got it into their head that they can sing and tehy are going to enter themselves into the school talent show and you dont want them to embarrass themselves so, there are two ways you can do this.



Hows the talent show coming on

Good. Why?

“Because your singing sounds like *#€%

” How rude! If you think i am going to still be your friend after this, you are really delusional, and not to mention wrong.”

Thus is not the way to go about it. I would reccommend this.



Hows the talent show coming

Good Why?

I was just thinking maybe you shouldn’t sing.

And why on earth would i do that.

Well, i think your voice needs a bit more work on those high notes, you know when you go a little bit screechy?

I know, but are you trying to say my singing is terrible, because is not, everyone says i was born with the talent.

No, i am saying that you don’t want to embarrass yourself by starting off beautifully, and then ruin because of that high last chorus.

I guess you are right, i will leave it until next term and try again

:-) :-) :-)

So, anger and force dont do you any favours, but you have to live with them. If you try to control your temper, and you are good at it,  every once in a while, just blow up at someone, but make sure they deserve it. Itll do you good, and most likely, them, a ton of good.

Cheek and Sass

I put these two in the same collumn because tgey work well together, and sometimes its not si good when they do. You might d this without meaning to to your friends and then anger shouts at them and that therefore causes you to feel angry at yourself and maybe cry. I was crying because  i  blew up at one of my best driends, but purely becayse we pepretend to hate each other. But this time  i wss meanng it and he was being suuuupppperr ignorant and impolite and nit respaevting others. Blowing up at him as a big mistakei know, but i couldnt help it and tejn i got angry at myself and started to cry. Tehy thofht i was really wierd as, to them, i am a tough character ro always stands up to her beliefs amd for her friends. Most if that is right. He had never seen me cry and i felt really embarrased, crying, in front of a boy. After we made up and were friends again

Well, i am really sorry to end this now, but, believe it or not, i have been trying to finish this article for about a month and a half now, and, i think, instead of just going back, i will let the emotions deal with the rest, though there are many more, all shoving their way into your head to get attention. I really need to end this now, as i want to write a new article.

Until the next time,

The little blogger.

Thats become quite a habit, please tell me if you like that ending or if i should do it differetky, i was watching a movie about a blogger and thats what they done, only with their name, not the little blogger. Thanks! Here we go again.

Until the next time,

The little blogger

Just back from a new place called The Barrbridge owned by a company called Hungry Horse. I went with my mum, dad, two brothers, and my grandpa.

The Barrbridge

While waiting for the food, I kept myself busy drawing, and I was starving. Half an hour later, we were still waiting, and had asked my dad seven times when the food was coming. Finally my mum decided to ask a woman who worked there that was passing by how long the food would take and she asked how long we had been waiting.

My mum said a bit over half an hour and the woman said that food normally takes about forty minutes and I was screaming in my head WHAT!!! This was definitely a downer for the restaurant. So we pretty much waited the best of an hour, and I was absolutely starved. By the time the food did come I was about to die. What’s even worse, the food didn’t even taste that good. But at least I didn’t die. Just.


So if you work at the Hungry Horse at the Showcase, then I give you 3 and a half stars, not very good.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Deep Sea World to go on a shark dive. On Friday at school, I said to my friend Emily M  I’m going on a shark dive tomorrow. Emily said ‘Whatever you do don’t get eaten!’ This speech made me feel slightly scared. when the day finally came, I was saying to myself ‘You’re gonna regret this day Abigail’.

Me in a drysuit

When we got there the doors weren’t open and we were standing in the cold! I was freezing to death. I eventually thought we had got the wrong date and that the aquarium was closed but my dad phoned them and they then opened the door for us. I was here with my mum, dad, brothers – Adam and Sam and my grandparents. A few other people came. All the children were to pick someone to take them through to everything. I choose my dad.

First of all we went to a room next to the entrance and the lady there showed us some slides of what we were going to do. After we had done the slides we went to a room where we got on dry suits.

Apparently we were supposed to bring a change of clothes and sadly, I didn’t. I thought for a moment that they would say that if I didn’t have any spare clothes I could not go on a swim with sharks. Instad they simply said we’ve got some clothes you can wear under your dry suit. remember   the only reason we recommend to have a pair of extra clothes is because it is very cold in the tank so we want you to be as warm as possible.

Going Diving

When everybody was finally ready the man took us into a tank with lots of small fish in it.One of the other children that was doing the shark dive was too scared, I couldn’t blame him as I’m 8 and I was scared and he was only roughly 4,5 or 6.And we shall just say that he went out. So that ment that I was the youngest. The man who was taking us showed us how to use the breathing apparatus. I knew straight away that I would find this very complicated and I was right.

Anyway… we all got our apparatus on (it was very heavy) and were told to go under water and pass around a little rocket. Meanwhile the small fish had gone to the other side of the tank. I really enjoyed playing pass the rocket (well that’s what I call it ). You couldn’t smell anything for the apparatus covering most of our noses but you could  get a sniff of … well… like the smell  of sea water when you go to the beach.We got out of the small tank and I was petrified at what was coming next.

We were soon all on a platform in freezing cold water with the instructor telling us how to feed the fish you get a fish and then tear it in half and.. what! I said to myself well I’m certainly  glad that I’m wearing gloves, otherwise I’d have blood all over me!


At fist I didn’t want to take a fish but when everyone else had done a few I saw that there was nothing to be afraid of so I took a fish,tore it in half and held it out to the fish around me. Then a fish came up to me and thought my finger was food! So it came and bit my finger! Luckily, fish only have small teeth and it did not hut much. But I have to warn you , it does leave a mark even with gloves on!

After a while we were keeping our eyes out for the two great sharks (most people call hem great whites) and finally one came! O MY LORD!!! I exclaimed I was gobsmaked because I had never saw a shark up close let alone a great white! I was a little scared that the shark was going to break through the platform and eat us all but I reassured myself . Finnaly we came out as our time was up.


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Hi, in this blog post I am going to write about a series of books I have been reading and would like to share with you. These books are called A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

I know the title is not very convincing but if you like mystery books you will like A Series Of Unfortunate Events. It might have a sad begining but that’s where the adventure and mystery comes in.

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Hi it’s me Abigail, a couple of months ago my friend Emily and I were making a cupcake as the weather was bad. This particular cupcake was vanilla. Of course this was not any ordinary cupcake, it was a giant cupcake.

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