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Hello. I have been watching lots of movies lately. It got me thinking that i could have my own common sense media (thats a parental guidance website) right on the one post that i could add to over time on my blog! So keep checking this post for more movie guidance. I am basically going to tell you a age, coming from a child, that you should let your child watch something at. Ok, lets go!

JAWS                                                                                                                                                                                     I watched Jaws 1 when i was seven. Big mistake. I wasn’t  scaredy cat or anything, just a year or two young. This may partially be because my dad grabbed my leg but ,mostly because it was quite scary. Its not really violent just the suspense can creep you out. I think eight or nine before you let your child watch it. However, it is your call.


Unknown-2I dont know when you are reading this. While  I am typing this, it is hogmanay in 2015, my 4th or 5th year staying up for the bells. Our family don’t do all the traditional stuff like….. well, well go on to talk about that later. The past week have been so busy for me that I forgot to wish you all a Merry Christmas, so I do hope Santa was good to you all and you had a great catchup with friends and family.


We were talking about traditions in class before we finished up for the holidays. Everyone  was starting to say things about traditions and lots of people, including my teacher, do lots of the same things. These may be:

Opening the front door and opening the back door

People say they do this to let the new air in,(front door) and the old air out. I  think its kinda cool (no pun intended for the next sentence :-) :-) :-) but if you live in Scotland, which, if you didn’t know, is very cold, you could start the new year being frozen to death. Which leads us on to our  next tradition…

Tall, dark haired, handsome man at your door

It used to be that when the bells had gone, at some point a tall, dark haired, handsome man would come to your door and bring you something to eat, something to drink, and something too keep you warm. The warm thing used to be coal, but people don’t generally have real coal in their fires anymore. Every year my dad says to me- Do you want to first foot to Christies, which is my friend who lives in the next street, and I  have only just realised that that is probably what he meant, going round to their door with all the stuff but my mum says that i shouldn’t,as it is cold, which is perfectly true, even though Christie’s family will all be up. My other friend, Julia, doesn’t wait for any man to come to her door,when she opens her back and front door, her dad goes out the back, and comes back round the front. What if you don’t have a dark haired man in your house? I don’t think it really matters because if its really dark outside, then no-one can see what colour his hair is, because it would appear dark!


This is going to be a very small paragraph for I have forgotten everything about what people eat traditionally at new year when the bells ring!


Here I am going on and on about the things we don’t do, when I haven’t actually told you the things that we do do at New Year. When the bells ring, my family all have a fizzy drink, dont know why, and a piece of shortbread. Like everyone else, we make sure the house is spotless for new year, and thats why I didn’t put it in the list above. We watch all the fireworks go off on the television, then run up to the best room in the house to watch the ones near us go off.

I hope, wherever you are in the world, that you are doing your own traditions and having lots of fun celebrating the new year of 2016!

Until 2016,

The little blogger.

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